Benefits of handmade soap and why you should start using it today

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Soap has been around since about 2800 BC in Ancient Babylon; the ruins of Pompeii revealed an entire soap factory, which I was lucky enough to see late 2019.

Frontier women made all of their own soaps from rendered animal fats (no wastage when living on the frontier!). Affordably manufactured soap was widely available by the early 1800s.

Self-care gift ideas for your family and friends

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Taking care of ourselves is essential and when life gets busy, it’s easy to forget about taking care of our own physical and mental health.  The last 12 months has been hard on many of us in different ways and sometimes a bit of ‘me time’ is needed to recharge and get on with tackling […]

12 Reasons why self-care is the best gift you’ll give this year

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It’s 10pm on a cold, drizzly night and you’ve just tucked yourself up in bed, contentedly listening to the steady pattering of rain on the roof, when suddenly a horrible, white-hot urgent thought blasts through your sleepy mind: I haven’t got a present for Gertrude’s birthday yet. Then: I don’t know what to buy her. […]