Makeup Brush Cleaning Soap

Lily Rose Indulgence owner is an award winning makeup artist of 26 years so she knows her stuff when it come to maintaining a good set of brushes.
She developed  her own Makeup brush cleanser to help remove the pigments whilst protecting the bristles of her expensive brushes.
This a  must have for anyone who used makeup brushes. 


Makeup brushes don't have any antibacterial or antifungal protection, makeup brushes grow bacteria and fungus.

 So how do we protect our bristles as clean our brushes at the same time?

 Frequent cleansing brushes with the correct cleansers will clean, protect and prolong your much-loved expensive application tool, your makeup up brush!

 Lily Rose Indulgence makeup brush cleanser soap is specifically designed to cleanse, disinfect & protect. 
We avoid any products like sulfates in our ingredients as they leave residue on the bristles which lead to skin irritation and pore clogging.

 We suggest you follow these steps when using our Makeup Brush cleaning soap

  1. Wet bristles in lukewarm water
  2. Swirl bristles about 4-6 times on our cleanser
  3. Place aside and repeat step 1 & 2 for about 10 brushes
  4. Picking up the first brush gently massage the bristle tips on palm front of back of the palm of your hand.
  5. Gently massage the bristle between your fingers under warm running water, with the bristles facing down wards, we try and avoid wetting the ferrule as this over time will break down the adhesive.
  6. Using a clean towel squeeze the excess moisture from bristles
  7. Gently reform bristles to their original shape (I keep the mesh covers when you first get your brushes) if you kept them too, place the mesh cover over them now.
  8. Allow bristles to dry, best way is to place a clean towel near the edge of a bench, position the towel so it’s angled so when you place your brush handle on the towel, so bristles slightly facing down so if there is any excess moisture it will run down the bristles not the Ferrule, allow the bristles to hang over the bench for good air circulation.

Beauty blenders become filled with cosmetics and also skin cells, so be sure to clean them after every use.  You can also clean your beauty blenders with our makeup brush cleaning soap.   Beauty blenders are mean to be re used and can last 3-5 months.