Dried Rose Petal Confetti

The timeless tradition of throwing confetti over the happy newlyweds is alive and well today

Natural dried wedding flowers set the romantic atmosphere they look beautiful & smell beautiful.

Guests just love a flower girl spreading flowers to make the way for the bride.
We pick the flowers on site within one of our many gardens, to make your all natural eco friendly wedding venue friendly rose confetti, we are able to mix rose petals, rose buds, lavender, jasmine calendula to mix the colours to work in with your wedding theme, the picture show our romantic selection, if you have a colour of flower in mind, please make contact we would love to custom make your flower confetti.
These natural eco-friendly biodegradable dehydrated rose petals confetti have become very popular for outdoor weddings.

Imagine how spectacular your weddings photos when the photographer captures the tossing of the petal confetti, and your wedding guest just love being involved in congratulating the happy couple as they walk the isle hand in hand.
They can be bought months in advance