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Bee & Butterfly Seed Mix


Mixed Seeds from our very own garden

Here at Lily Rose Indulgence we love our bees and butterflies, without them where would the world bee !

We allow our flowers to seed, these seeds are collected, spread around our property and left overs packed to share with you.

Please help our bees by buying a mix packet today,  a great way to get the kids involved in gardening and understanding bees.

You received about 200 Seeds mixed variety include, Foxglove, Chamomile, Flanders Poppies, Calendula, Lavender, Cosmos, Marigold, Zinnia, Native Violet, Coriander.

Comes in a packet, ready to spread in a sunny position in a weed free garden bed, water regularly, germination 12-15 days.

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Australiam made

Wildflower –  Our gardens are just filled with a variety of seasonal wildflowers, I just love how they enhance our gardens with their whimsical natural wild nature, they are free to pop up where they like.
Wildflowers have been used for centuries for physical and emotional  elements – Take the chamomile flowers we drink, lavender to ease the mind, foxglove to control the heart rate.
Wildflower are part of every tradition from  practical applications, like medicine and soothing drinks, to the realms of religion and folklore. Wildflowers became part of traditions and superstitions in daily life. Worn to protect against witchcraft (vervain), to bring luck (clovers), to restore youthful beauty (cowslips) or simply symbols of love (dittany of Create).


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