Our Story

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 I am Corinne founder of Lily Rose Indulgence

I am a wife, sister, daughter, fur mummy, makeup artist & hair stylist and creator of Lily Rose Indulgence products.  Plus gardener, logistics, marketing, sales rep the list goes on.

After many years -over 25 Can’t give up my age now can I :)....  in the beauty industry owning several hair salons while running a mobile business. 
We / Corinne, her husband Brett and fur babies Petal & Teddy decided to leave the suburbs for a better work-life balance.  We moved to a quaint country township outside of Brisbane called Dayboro, I have always had a passion for gardening so our small property provide me the opportunity grow fresh fruit & veggies, have the most amazing gardens and frog ponds. Our move also provided Brett to have “the everyman’s dream” a HUGE shed, Brett an avid photographer also had enough room to set up his observatory away from the light pollution from the city.

Wishing to lead an eco-friendlier life, we began growing plants that served multiple purposes, support our diet, support wildlife, privacy and alternately the botanicals we used to make Lily Rose Indulgence products.

After much research, I decided to create a natural luxury range of soaps & body care products   using some very old techniques of infusing botanical we grow in a range of oils.

The botanicals we use in our products are chemical free. They receive nutrients from the soil plus from the worm wee and worm castings from our 9 worm farms. We carefully pick, sort, dry then infuse botanicals in a variety of oils. Our method takes approximately 4-6 weeks to extract all the herbal benefits from the botanicals. We then use these infused oils in many of our products.
Even though this is a very time-consuming process we are very proud of taking the time to produce our products using this ancient method.  It makes us stand apart from other companies who produce similar products. 

The team behind Lily Rose Indulgence