Corporate Gift Boxes

Everyone appreciates being valued. Giving a gift sends that message very clearly to employees and clients.

Being caring does not have to be expensive, recognising someone is welcoming and send a positive message.

Our gift boxes are a great gift, not too intimate or familiar, but displaying thought about who they are, and a lady loves nothing better than a self-pampering.

Lily Rose Indulgence gift boxes  can be varied to suit budget and tastes.

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corporate gift hampers

Real Estate Settlement Gift Boxes

Lily Rose Indulgence  settlement gift boxes are hand crafted and are a lovely way to welcome your clients into their new home, or thank them for choosing your business. Whether you are a real estate agent, a property developer, a mortgage broker or a property stylist, we can custom create a gift boxes, which is sure way to finish the clients experience on a high note.

We can accommodate your budget and special requests. We can help you organise personalised gift messages.
We make the task of ordering gifts simple and easy! We are reliable, efficient and care about the response that our gift boxes create.

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Settlement Gift Hampers

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