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Beyond DV

Lily Rose Indulgence was honoured to support Beyond DV  May 2021, raising awareness and funds for this Brisbane based support network is close to our hearts. 
Lily Rose Indulgence offered over $700 worth of Gift Boxes, soaps, baths salts, candles which assisted in Beyond DV annual major fundraising event. 

Beyond DV is a Brisbane based organisation that supports women and children as they rebuild their lives after Domestic & Family Violence.

Domestic Violence

Why is it so hard to leave.
How to they managed after they leave.
It can be very dangerous for them to Leave.
What about the kids, pets, mortgage, finances

These are all very legitimate concerns.

Beyond DV offer’s a wide range of unique Recovery Programs for women and children (trauma informed, strengths-based & evidence-based) that have been created by the Beyond DV Team and are delivered from our beautiful, welcoming Centre in Brisbane.

If you have been out of an abusive relationship for at least four months, and would like to talk to us about how we might be able to support you and your family, contact 


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