Tranquillity Gift Set Inspirational Cards & Smudge Stick

Another new addition to our Tranquillity Self Care Range
  • 30 Mood Inspirational Cards. Huge 2cm x 12cm printed on heavy duty card.
  • Comes with a stand.
  • Smudge Strick
  • Packet of herbal tea
  • beatifically Presented and Gift Wrapped

In this pack you have 30 cards filled with inspiration + good vibes.

Pop them up around your home  & use them as your daily inspiration!

Get in a habit of thinking good thoughts about your self start to know your worth.

This pack of 30 cards is all about spreading the positivity, why not included these cards with a gift hamper, buy on their own or buy for someone who needs some self love and inspiration.

Printed on 12cm x 12cm 300gsm art board.

Card stand

Spreading the good vibes to someone else?


How to use affirmation cards

There are several ways you can use your printable affirmation cards to reframe your negative thoughts and create a more positive mindset.

  • Start each day by choosing one card at random and meditating on it for a few minutes.
  • Read your cards out loud every day in the mirror
  • Ask a question like “What guidance do I need today?” and draw a card
  • Keep them in your purse and draw a card when you are feeling triggered by negative thoughts.
  • Hang them where you will see them every day – in your closet, in your office, or on the bathroom mirror.
  • If you struggle with body image – try putting positive affirmations like “I am perfectly imperfect” or “I am beautiful” on your scale or on your mirror.

In conclusion, as you get more comfortable with this exercise, you’ll be able to reframe your thoughts in real-time. One day, you’ll find yourself in a meeting and a negative thought will pop up, “Don’t say that, you’ll sound stupid! Who do you think you are?” You’ll know your training is working when another voice says, “Wait a minute, that’s not true!” and you speak up despite that initial negative thought. The more you practice reframing, the easier it will become to practice self-love. A positive mindset is critical to achieving your goals and living your most authentic, beautiful life.