Wheat Bag

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Wheat bags

Wheat bags are promoted for their therapeutic value as non-invasive pain relief for muscle strain, arthritis and sports-related injuries. This is largely due heat therapies ability to dilate the blood vessels. This process increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, helping to heal the damaged tissue

The bags are heated in either a microwave & are intended for external use by placing the bag on parts of the body where pain is occurring

Heating times are only a guideline and should be adjusted to suit personal requirements. Please read the recommended heating time that is attached to the Wheat Bag and follow carefully.
If the heat is not strong enough increase the heating time but do not exceed 3 minutes it total.

Place the Wheat Bag into the microwave; ensuring it does not obstruct the turntable.
DO NOT place a container of water into the microwave.  
After heating, evenly distribute the wheat within the bag by giving it a little shake.
Test the Wheat Bag on the forearm, tolerance to heat can vary especially in the elderly and young.

If your Wheat Bag is sectioned gently shake the bag to ensure the wheat is evenly distributed to avoid the seams splitting.

It is recommended that the Wheat Bag be completely cool before reheating.
However if it has cooled and further heating is required it can be reheated for half the recommended time.
If overheating occurs, a burning smell may be detected. Carefully place the Wheat Bag onto a non-combustible surface such as a kitchen sink. Allow to cool completely then discard.


Wheat Bags are not recommended as bed warmers.  - Old, dry and overheated Wheat Bags have the possibility of combustion when placed under blankets or bedding where heat cannot escape.
Wheat Bags are not recommended for children under 3 years of age.


Place the Wheat Bag into a plastic bag, seal and leave permanently in the freezer until required. Remove from the plastic bag & apply.


Make sure the Wheat Bag is completely cool and moisture free before storing in a cool dry place. It is recommended that the Wheat Bag be heated once a month for maintenance.

We hope you enjoy. Remember a Wheat Bag is designed to warm a person not a bed.