Campers Companion Soap - Navy Soap - Cold water soap

“Campers Companion”  Soap
Campers companion is a must pack item in any camping, caravanning trip.
• Campers companion lathers in cold fresh water & salt water
• Lathers in cold fresh & salt water, great for body and hair, putting nothing harmful into the seas & rivers
• A great de-greaser, dirty dishes, washing hands after changing that flat tyre or quick on road repairs. Clean like nothing you’ve seen before, leaving your hands fresh & supple
• Take it camping, lathers in any hard water and puts nothing harmful into our waterways
• Makes an excellent laundry soap for stain removal, Dampen affected area, rub on soap then lightly scrub before putting in the wash
If you would like to know more about the soap I sell, feel free to ask, our campers companion soap are eco friendly, more waterway eco friendly than most sunscreens people use.

Organic natural soap bars are eco-friendly.
They are biodegradable with no harsh chemicals to contaminate our water supply.
Many of the synthetic chemicals found in commercial soaps do not naturally break down.
These chemicals infiltrate our lakes, streams, rivers and public water systems

N A T U R A L  |  H E R B A L  |  H A N D C R A F T ED 

Size – 120 gram bar

Ingredients:-  See full list of product ingredients at footer 

We hand mix in small batches using the finest ingredients, our blend of oils have been infused with natural botanicals which have been grown on our property, to ensure you receive only the best!
* This is topical use only.  Not intended for internal consumption. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. 
** All our products are shipped using recycled/recyclable materials
***As gorgeous as our products are, everyone is different so if you do have any pre-existing skin/health concerns or you are pregnant, please check with your doctor before use.  All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that ingredient listings, product images and other information for products displayed on this website are up to date, accurate and complete. However, we still recommend that you please check the ingredient listings on a product before use.