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12 Reasons why self-care is the best gift you’ll give this year

It’s 10pm on a cold, drizzly night and you’ve just tucked yourself up in bed, contentedly listening to the steady pattering of rain on the roof, when suddenly a horrible, white-hot urgent thought blasts through your sleepy mind: I haven’t got a present for Gertrude’s birthday yet.

Then: I don’t know what to buy her.

Sound familiar? 

Although you might not have a friend called Gertrude, we’ve all struggled with this eternal dilemma. Our lives are chocker-block full of work, social activities, family events and other commitments, so it’s no surprise that many of us are frequently admitting defeat with the words: “I’ll just get them a gift card”. 

We simply don’t have time to spend days curating a shortlist of suitable presents (especially when you leave it until the night before… Don’t worry – we’ve all been there). Even if you are feeling particularly generous, most of us don’t have a heap of spare cash to play with; the present must be affordable. And let’s face it – these days, it seems that so many of our loved ones already have everything they could possibly need or want. 

So, what to do?

Never fret! A self-care pack is a perfect gift for anyone and everyone, be it your teenage niece, aging aunt, or your husband.

We’ll take you through what self-care is, why it’s important and then give you a list of reasons why a self-care pack is the right gift for your family member, friend, or colleague. 

What’s the big deal about self-care?

Firstly, what is it? Why is it important? And why does the term get thrown around so much these days?

You probably already know or can guess what self-care means since the word itself says it all. The definition of self-care is any type of activity that one does for the benefit of their own wellbeing, whether that’s mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual. 

The benefits of self-care are numerous. A 2018 study on medical students found that those who pursued self-care reported less stress and a higher quality of life – results that we would all benefit from, medical students or not!

While the term self-care has become quite trendy in recent years due to social media, many misconceptions surround it. Self-care is not selfish, extravagantly indulgent, only for certain people or even a consumerist marketing campaign designed to make you spend lots of money (although there are certainly plenty of those out there).

It’s not even a new concept as people have been practising it for centuries.

Maybe it has become the new ‘big thing’ because little by little, for years now, it’s been slipping out of our lives and we didn’t even notice. With technology at the forefront of our work and free time, our increased anxiety levels and jam-packed schedules are the only indicators that a kind of balance is lacking. 

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But how can you give someone ‘self-care’? 

The simplest way is to buy them a gorgeous body care gift pack that will encourage them to slow down and rest.

Luckily, Lily Rose Indulgence has a huge collection of luxury gift hampers for you to choose from, ranging from the classic ‘Vintage Rose Giftpack’ to the ‘Muscular Scent’ box to the ‘Cosmos Pack’.

The best gift you can give

Unless you have the funds to buy them a Ferrari, a self-care pack will be a winner for both you and the gift recipient. Here’s why:

  1. It’ll bring a moment of joy to their everyday

There’s nothing like relaxing in a hot bath after a long day. Lily Rose Indulgence has a wide variety of natural, indulgent soaps and soaks for you to choose from. 

Making time for yourself in this on-the-go life can often be quite difficult. Time spent simply sitting and sipping a cup of tea, for example, can feel unproductive, even though it isn’t. Just five minutes a day is proven to have many benefits for our wellbeing.

With a beautiful array of body care products at their disposal, your loved one will be able to incorporate a quiet moment of guilt-free relaxation even into their busiest days. After all, who said that shower and bath-time had to be boring? 

  1. It’s the perfect combination of an experience AND something pretty

There seem to be two categories that many presents for friends and family fall into. Either an ‘experience’ or ‘something pretty’. An ‘experience’ is popular for those who already have everything they need and perhaps nurture something of an adventurous soul. On the other hand, some are glad to receive a pretty item of jewellery or a bouquet of flowers. While a skydiving voucher or a ticket to the opera can be a terrific way for your loved one to make memories, sometimes it can be quite tricky to find time to do the experience, not to mention the disappointment when it’s over. But then, simply buying something ‘pretty’ can feel like a waste of money. 

A self-care pack is the answer. Your loved one will be able to experience a small slice of heaven every day, not just once, and receive something that they will love looking at (take a peek at our beautiful range of soaps if you don’t believe me!)

  1. It’s probably not something they would buy for themselves

Buying a gift box for yourself is not something most of us would do, whether it’s because there’s always something more important that needs buying, or it simply feels too indulgent. That said, I’m certainly not suggesting that you shouldn’t buy a gift box for yourself, (in fact, I guarantee you’ll want to once you’ve had a browse through our range!) but there’s a certain joy that comes from receiving a self-care pack as a present. 

  1. It’s eco-friendly

Unfortunately, there’s an extra, unwanted component to many of the presents that we buy and receive these days. I’m referring to the plastic packaging. We all know how harmful plastic is for precious Earth, but often it seems unavoidable. Not anymore!

Here at Lily Rose Indulgence, all our products come in sustainable packaging that adds a handcrafted charm to our gift boxes, while most importantly, doesn’t hurt our environment.

  1. There are no harsh chemicals

Have you ever looked at the back of a perfume bottle box? The list of ingredients there is enough to make even a scientist scratch their head. Many of the products we use every day such as perfumes, soaps and moisturisers contain harsh chemicals. At Lily Rose Indulgence, our products contain only raw ingredients from our garden. We don’t use anything in our products that can’t be eaten. After all, why would you want to put it on your skin if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth?

  1. They’ll appreciate the little things in life

This is a valuable mindset that we would all benefit from having. With our range of products, it’s easy to revel in the clean, fresh scent of soap and its smooth, creamy texture against your skin. Noticing the little things allows us to enjoy life to the fullest. For, as Nino Varsimashvili said: “Sometimes, little things make a big difference”.

  1. It’s convenient 

Let’s be honest – convenience is a contributing factor for everyone. Our self-care gift packs are about as convenient as it gets. You choose the box, and we’ll take care of everything else.

  1. You can’t go wrong with it

Gift-giving is sometimes downright stressful! Once you’ve finally spotted something at the shops, the doubts begin to creep in: “Will they like it? Can they use it?” 

Our range of self-care packs is guaranteed to delight anyone and everyone. Take our ‘Sip & Relax Gift Pack’ for example. Not only does it include a lovely rose bath soak, four of our signature soaps and some chocolates, but it also contains a body brush made from bamboo and cactus, a handy exfoliating mitt, plus a bamboo soap dish, all of which can be used every day and will last a long time. 

The beauty of self-care gift packs is how practical a present they are. The gift recipient will use them regularly, but they are far from boring.

  1. It’s appropriate in these current times

Perhaps you were thinking that they’d enjoy a spa day or a relaxing facial. Unfortunately, in these COVID times, that’s not always as accessible as it used to be. A self-care pack is the perfect at-home solution that will offer the same enjoyment. Check out our ‘Spa Experience box’ – your loved one will rejoice at the thought of nights-in! 

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  1. There’s something for everyone…

Lily Rose Indulgence has a huge variety of gift packs to choose from, at a range of affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for something feminine and sweet (see our ‘Ivory Curl Pack’), simple and elegant (‘Luxe Rose Gift Pack’, perhaps?) or a box that will delight a more macho recipient (‘Sturt’s Desert Pea Gift Pack’ is always a winner), we guarantee you’ll find the perfect pack!

  1. …but they can be varied to suit individual needs

Buying for a slightly trickier gift recipient? 

Or have you fallen in love with two separate gift packs and can’t decide between them?

No problem. We’ll happily customise any of our gift packs to your request. 

  1. It strengthens the most important relationship of all

Our relationship with ourselves deserves a lot of love but is often ignored or forgotten about. 

It’s the one constant relationship that we’ll always have, no matter what.

Whether you take a holistic, spiritual view of the world or not, this is simply the truth, so it makes sense that having a wholesome relationship with oneself equates to a healthier, happier life.

The age of stressful gift-giving is finally over

Self-care is probably not the first gift idea that comes to mind, but it makes a truly special present. There are a dozen reasons why your gift recipient will fall in love with a self-care pack.

One thing is for sure – this time, when your friend, relative or colleague says, “Thank you”, you’ll genuinely mean it when you reply, “It was my pleasure”.

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